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Order steps
Show the different stages and progression of the order process
Focus checkout pages
Encourage purchases with the checkout tunnel which channels customers towards a sale
Mega Menu
Make the navigation experience a pleasant one for customers to help them find what they’re looking for quickly and efficiently
Flash Sale
Encourage customers to buy by displaying a count-down timer alongside time-limited sales offers
Horizontal faceted navigation
Display your faceted filters horizontally as a header to your product listing
Customer identification
Give your business customers the option of logging in before using your site to access their corporate rates
After checkout marketing
Boost customer loyalty after making a sale by offering customised benefits
Email verification
Immediately check the validity of your customer’s email address when creating their account
Quick buy
Accelerate the buying process by making it possible to add items directly to a basket from your product listing
Product page tabs
Organise the descriptive elements of your product page using customisable tabs
Make Paypal available as a payment solution for your customers
Google Shopping SmartFeeds
Promote your products with Google’s price comparison tool
Give your customers the option of paying with Braintree, a multicurrency payment solution
Upselling and Cross-Selling - Shopping basket
Make purchase suggestions for your customers on their shopping basket page
Dynamic basket
Boost the purchasing process when a customer puts an item in their basket
Back in stock notification
Inform your customers by email when your products are back in stock
Quantity box
Let your clients choose how many products they add to their basket on the product page
Special Pop-up
Set up pop-up adverts to promote your products on the pages of your choosing
Free Delivery
Tell your customers how much more they need to spend to receive free delivery
My account button
Make it easy for your clients to log in to their dedicated online personal space
Breadcrumb trail
Make it easy for your customers to retrace their steps and go back through the pages they’ve visited
Back to top button
Make it possible to return to the top of your site with a single click
Footer menu
Organise your footer section into columns for a better navigation experience
Shopping Satisfaction
Harvest and showcase the customer reviews on your website
Amazon Pay
Integrate the Amazon payment facility into your website
Google Search Console
Connect your site to your Google Search Console account
Google Analytics / Tag Manager
Connect your site to Google’s website audience analysis tool